We are here to help you replace uncertainty with certainty. Our clients understand that life can be unpredictable and that they need to be prepared. Gain confidence and peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of.


Founded in Columbus, Ohio, we are an independent insurance brokerage partnered with the very best insurance providers in the nation. We are state licensed agents and field underwriters that are here to represent you.

We believe in doing business the old fashioned way. We do home visits and conduct personal health assessments to ensure you can qualify for the best products available to you in the state, offering the most affordable plans to meet the needs of your family.

Life Insurance Agency
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This is a simple yet affordable life insurance policy that is designed to cover any expenses surrounding medical bills and funeral costs, including any plot and mortuary expenses, and can further help you to protect the financial burden of your loved ones. This policy also provides permanent life insurance coverage that includes flexibility and long-term growth potential.

• Includes up to $250,000 in death benefit.

• There is absolutely no medical exam and no blood work required.


Term life insurance typically provides coverage for a predetermined amount of time. This usually ranges between 1 and 35 years. The death benefit pays out if the policy holder passes away within the set terms of the policy.

• This is a very cost-effective option for growing, young families, or for individuals that are seeking more affordable coverage.

• Some term policies may allow for the option to renew the policy, but there is no guarantee of renewal when the policy term ends.

Term life insurance


We currently offer a Return of Premium, or ROP, term insurance policy, which will return all contributed premiums if the insured individual outlives the policy term period.

• Any premium returns can start as soon as the second year.

• There is life insurance protection in place if it is needed with a return of premium investments if not.

Return of Premium
Universal Life insurance (IUL)


Indexed Universal Life insurance (IUL) is a permanent policy very similar to a traditional UL policy. This policy is flexible with its premium and death benefit, although it also features a higher potential growth through indexed interest crediting. The policy owner has the choice between a percentage of the cash value to invest among specified indexes, i.e., S&P 500 or the Nasdaq 100, to increase the chance for a larger return.

• The policy can act as a savings vehicle in which the insured may likely benefit from an increase potential of market gains.

• These accounts protect the insured from a potential market decline with a guaranteed floor.

• Illustrations are provided to the policy owner with an abundance of historical data to aid the policy owner in making informed decisions as to which markets to invest in.

• Your existing cash value can grow tax-deferred.

• This policy can be structured to include living benefits that allow the policy owner to access the face value of the policy to help cover expenses that may accrue as the result of critical, chronic, or terminal illness, as well as any potential long-term care.

Fixed Indexed Annuity


With your Fixed Indexed Annuity, your premium is tied to an index and is credited similarly to an IUL. As with an IUL, the Fixed Indexed Annuity offers a principal protection and a death benefit. There is also the potential for gains that are contingent on the market performance.

• This is a type of tax-deferred insurance product and can be structured to provide an active income for Life, and thereby provide an additional resource of income for your retirement.

• Also structure to provide protection from the potential of a market decline with a guaranteed floor.


Our clients understand that life can be unpredictable and that they need to be prepared. Our agents are trained to assist and advise you on the product(s) that will best help you accomplish your financial goals. Allow us to help you take care of this significant and important step in planning for your family and loved ones today!